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A musician from the beginning.


Born and raised in Tucson Arizona, Matt Kezer started his music career at 15 in volunteer positions at church and in his community. He started with guitar, but later picked up drums and developed his vocals in his 20s. 

A US Army veteran, he joined in 2010 and served 4 years as an Analyst and in security positions. 

After a medical discharge, he sought out higher education at Pima Community College though the VA's Vocational rehabilitation program and began a degree in Computer Engineering. 

Over the two years he was on that path, Matt realized it wasn't what he yearned for.


He had something to share with the world, his music.

Today, in a happy twist of fate, he's pursuing a degree in Music Education at the University of Arizona and has found his calling in his studies.


It's his dream to perfect his crafts and share the beauty he sees and creates in the world, and to inspire the creative potential of generations to come. 

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